Warm earth underneath the soles of the feet, grass, tickling the toes! wind moving the hair and ringing bells in the ears! Giving the hands into cool, rushing water, drinking fresh spring water. Milk, still warm, just given by the cow. Smelling, cracking bread.

The magnificent PEAKS OF THE ALPS in front of the eyes. Experience all that and even much more during your summer holidays in the GASTEIN - VALLEY!

Give a unforgettable common time to your family and to yourself. Walk on all together 350 kilometres marked ways over alpine pastures or conquer the peakes of the alps. The National Park "HOHE TAUERN" is a true rich source for people who are loving the alps. Fresh mountain air stimulates the appetite.
Enjoy the delicious home made products, done by the dairymaids from one of the 55 gastein alpine pastures, which are managed from june until late autumn.